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Стратегии в бинарных опционах

Для получения прибыли бинарными опционами на регулярной основе необходимо придерживаться определённых стратегий для торговли опционами. Одни стратегии достаточно простые для новичков, другие же больше подходят для опытных трейдеров. Появление торговых стратегий обусловлено многократным анализом поведенческих моделей рынка, а также основных особенностей бинарных опционов. Благодаря правильному подходу значительно снижаются степени рисков и многократно увеличиваются шансы инвесторов на привлечение прибыли. Вот краткий список популярных стратегий, которые чаще всего применяются на нашей платформе:

The Knock-On Effect strategy is one of the essential strategies in binary options trading that every investor should develop. This strategy, also known as the Market Pull Strategy, is not only one of the most logical ones, and thus theoretically easy to grasp, but also one of the most versatile ones; it offers numerous adaptive possibilities for all kinds of assets, and can be altered and adopted to suit individual traders’ needs and goals. Popular with expert and novice traders alike, the Knock-On Effect strategy requires an in-depth look and understanding of the financial markets if it is to be applied effectively and should not be considered a quick-fix solution to knowledgeable trading.

The prices of tradeable assets are affected by a number of reasons, such as political events, financial news, and business decisions and announcements. Since news and events do not occur in a vacuum but involve several aspects of business and politics, more often than not a single event affects the market value of more than one asset. And herein lies the basic concept of the Knock-On Effect Strategy: a major movement in the value of one asset will have an effect on the value of a correlated asset. The first step, therefore, for applying this strategy is to establish links and correlations between assets you want to trade. Some of the more traditional and well-established correlations, for example, include: gold and USD- when gold is on the rise, the United States dollar falls as investors usually flock to gold when the dollar weakens; Oil and USD- with the US being the world’s largest consumer of crude oil, the greenback is known to rise and fall according to the price movements of oil; Gold and AUD – as one of the world’s biggest gold producers, Australia experiences currency fluctuations that are positively linked to the movements in the value of gold. Although in the above examples the correlations are drawn between commodities (gold and oil) and currencies (USD and AUD), the strategy could be applied to any two tradeable assets, be they stocks, currencies, indices, or commodities. To give a different example, an increase in the stock of a mobile phone manufacturer (such as Apple or Samsung) after the release of a new product could correlate to a negative price movement in the stock of another mobile phone manufacturer, as more people choose to buy the latest piece of technology. The beauty of this strategy is that each trader can draw his own correlations according to his interests in the market.

The Knock-on Effect strategy combines both technical and fundamental analysis in that you need to identify a major event that will significantly impact the price of an asset (fundamental analysis) and then to compare the historic price fluctuations between the pair of assets of your choice (technical analysis). It is imperative, therefore, that you have a good understanding of the financial markets before making your correlated estimates using the Knock-On Effect strategy, and the longer you monitor your pairs the more accurate your predictions about their reaction to each other will be. The double profit potential of this strategy has earned it many fans across the financial world, making it popular with expert and novice traders alike.

There are several types of strategies used to trade Binary Options, the most commonly used being the straddle strategy. Straddling can be a very useful tool to capitalize on particularly volatile markets and also to cushion potential losses on a trade that is looking like it may be expiring out of the money.

Using the straddle strategy can be challenging but explained simply, it is based on opening a call and put option on the same asset. The straddle is a good trading strategy to adopt if you believe that the price of an underlying asset will fluctuate significantly but are unsure as to the direction of the fluctuation.

The fundamental plan therefore, is to be on both ends of a trade so that you can get profits from either way. There are two types of straddles; long and short.

The long straddle results in profit when the strike price and market price of the asset have a large difference. This strategy requires you to purchase an asset in both the put and call forms. By doing this, you are able to straddle each side of the trade. When the price of the asset moves in a specific direction, you can choose to use a put or call based on which provides more benefits.

Typically when an increase is observed, the put option is used on the asset. However, if a decline is observed, the call option would be used. This positions the binary options trader on each side. The advantage of the long straddle strategy is that the risk factor is low since the return value is reaped by the trader no matter how the market price of the asset moves. The downside would be that this strategy usually only works well under volatile market conditions. In more stable market conditions it is not as effective.

Какого брокера бинарных опционов выбрать?

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The short straddle binary options strategy is used when selling an asset, especially when the market is not moving, and the prices of the assets don’t vary much (but they do vary somewhat). The asset will be sold using both the call and put options at a selected strike price. Profits can be made when the marketplace value of the asset does not vary much from the strike price. The short straddle strategy is of the non-directional variety since the value should remain the same or differ only slightly in order for the strategy to be effective unlike the long straddle where movement is needed. Profits will be based on the premium asset amount with the loss amount being dependent on how much the asset value has varied.

Profits may also be earned using this strategy in parallel conditions. Parallel, or side-to-side movement, is often seen in cases where investors are waiting for news or analysis information to be released before making investment decisions. When the market is slow, the value of assets will not change drastically. You do however need to be aware that when using this strategy, in case the market starts moving or becomes volatile, you will have to undergo huge losses that cannot be measured prior to the investment.

The straddle strategy does require a degree of practice to master so as with any binary options strategy testing, you are advised to use a demo account first, only moving on after a comfort level with the strategy has been reached. Once you feel confident in using this strategy, you can start by applying the technique to your trading activities with a broker such as Banc De Binary. Though the straddle strategy is generally a technique more experienced traders, if used wisely, it is a means to making excellent profits.

Short selling stocks is a technique that turns the old stock market quite literally on its head. Instead of following the golden rule of the traditional market ‘buy low, sell high’, short selling consists of buying high and selling low. When short selling stocks – also called ‘going short’ or ‘shorting’ – the investor speculates a decrease instead of an increase in the price of shares. The concept may seem counter-intuitive and confusing at first, but if we take things from the beginning, you’ll see that it is in fact not that complicated at all.

In traditional stocks trading, you buy stocks at a low price and wait for their price to rise before selling them to make a profit. In short selling, you do not buy stocks to begin with, but rather you borrow stocks from your broker to sell when the price of a stock is high. The stocks you borrow come from the brokerage’s inventory, from another customer of the brokerage, or even from another firm. The profits from the sale of the borrowed stocks go into your account. Eventually you will have to replace the stocks you borrowed back to your broker, known as ‘closing’ the short, by buying back the same number of stocks, called ‘covering’. The money to buy the stocks back come from that money you earned when you sold the stocks. Thus the trade is profitable for you only if you manage to buy the stocks back at a lower price than which you sold them.

For example, if you borrowed 1,000 shares from your broker, you will have to close your short by returning the 1,000 shares back. If you sold the borrowed shares for $10 each, then you will have $10,000 in your account. If the price of the stocks falls and you buy them back from the market at $5 per stock, you will only spend $5,000 of your account to replace the stocks, and the remaining $5,000 will be your profit from the short trade. If, however, the price of stock rises, you will have to buy the stocks back at a higher price, causing you to lose money.

Typically, you can hold a short for as long as you want, but interest rates make keeping a short account open for a long time unprofitable. Since brokerages may not actually own the stocks that they lend out, you may be forced to cover the borrowed sooner than you want, if the owner asks for his shares back. This is known as being called away, but happens only rarely.

Since stock prices are generally expected to rise with time as a company expands and increases its wealth, short-selling can be quite difficult to do. The technique typically hinges on quick shifts in the market during which a price falls temporarily, only to rise back up again to higher levels soon thereafter. Short-selling, therefore, requires precise timing and exposes the investor to an unlimited loss potential should the price of the stock rise instead of fall.

We all know the basic rule of traditional trading: buy low, sell high. Index scalping follows this rule, but on a much smaller – miniscule almost – scale. When using the index scalping strategy an investor aims at making many small profits on slight price changes that eventually add up to sizeable amounts. But how exactly can you achieve this?

Unlike a traditional investor, a scalper places anywhere between ten to a couple of hundred trades in a single day which he enters and exits within a short amount of time. The underlying notion of index scalping is that small movements in price values are easier to catch than large movements. Thus when scalping, you need to buy stocks at the bid price and quickly sell them just a few cents higher for a profit. The minute difference in price means that you need to buy and sell a lot of stocks and to make a lot of trades in a day to accumulate large overall gains, hence the high volume of trades placed by scalpers. This strategy also requires that you have a strict exit strategy of selling stocks as soon as a higher price is reached in order to prevent large losses that could eliminate the many small gains you make over a day’s trading. Unlike a traditional trader who may have approximately an equal number of winning and losing trades, but with the winning ones of course returning greatly higher amounts than the amounts lost in the losing ones, a successful scalper will have a much higher ratio of winning to losing trades. That’s because the profits of winning trades in scalping do not far exceed (if at all) the losses of losing trades, and overall profit depends entirely on a higher number of winning trades.

Index Trading can be quite tricky and requires not only a lot of time and effort in order to achieve a high volume of trades, but also good timing in catching the small movements of the market. Nevertheless, there are certain advantages to this strategy that make it appealing to scalpers.

Scalping trades receive very little exposure to the market as they are opened and closed within minutes, which lessens the probability of running into major events that can adversely and significantly affect the value of a price.

The small movement of a few cents that the scalper looks for in the market, occur much more easily than big movements of traditional trading. A big move signifies an imbalance in supply and demand which is hard to obtain, but a small difference of a few cents can occur for any minor reason.

Small movements occur not only more easily, but also at a much higher frequency. Even on a quiet day where markets are generally stable, a scalper can find many small movements to exploit for profit.

Hedging is an innovative strategy in binary options which entails placing a second trade while the first trade is still in motion. For example, a trader would use the “call” option first with a one-hour expiry time. Half an hour later, the same trader would place a “put” option with the aim of reducing the potential losses on a trade while increasing the chances for profit. Hedging is most commonly used in the area of currency trading but it can be used in any asset class. The technique has quickly gained in popularity because it is relatively easy to understand and implement.

Of course there are times when you are certain that your option will end up in the money and that hedging may not be needed.

Hedge Your Trade!

Hedging your option allows you the chance to profit both from your original option and from your hedged option. This generally happens when there is a large difference between the strike point of your original “call” option and the strike point from when you placed your “put” option.

Hedging can also be used to minimize the effects of a losing trade. Undoubtedly, winning one of two trades is better than winning zero of one.

The main factor that will determine how successful you will become at utilizing hedging strategies is learning precisely the optimum moment to execute them. You should keep in mind that the financial markets can experience high levels of volatility that can generate serious price surges with practically no warning whatsoever. Such events can cause profitable binary options to transform into losses in just a moment.

For sophisticated traders, hedging can be a wise strategy on many binary options trades. Novice traders should remember that it is best not to go into every trading situation looking specifically to hedge. It is important to learn in depth how hedging strategies work and how to manage these correctly. If understood and used appropriately, hedging can be an enormously profitable strategy.

Reducing risk is often an investor’s greatest concern and is the main reason why they choose to diversify their assets. Hence, they avoid “putting all their eggs in one basket”. Choosing numerous asset classes that fluctuate independently of each other can reduce the volatility of an investor’s overall portfolio and can also provide an investor with a higher return on their investments. A diversified portfolio will have less risk than the weighted average risk of its constituent assets, and often less risk than the least risky of its constituent. Therefore, any risk-averse investor will choose to diversify at least some extent.

Diversification is an important strategy in limiting your financial risk. Your level of risk tolerance and the amount of time you have before you need the money will help you decide what percentage of your portfolio to assign to each asset class. It is recommended that you spread your wealth out across a variety of investments, known as portfolio diversification. If you’re already an investor, you will be aware that market conditions change over time and some investments in your portfolio will outperform others.

There are two ways to diversify. Firstly, you can spread your investment funds among the major asset classes including stocks and bonds, and secondly, you can do so within an asset class such as large companies in the stock market. This helps you balance the risks and rewards of the asset classes and the investment within the asset class itself. Although diversification is no guarantee against financial loss it is still regarded as one of the most important strategies to enable investors to attain their long term goals.

Diversification is not, however, a solution for all types of risk. There are some risks which are not specific to an industry sector and cannot be mitigated through diversification. These risks relate to economic and political events such as inflation, political upheaval, war, interest and exchange rate fluctuations. An investor just has little choice but to accept these types of risk. The risks that are specific to a company, an economy, an industrial sector, or a market and are typed as financial or business risks can, of course, be reduced by diversification.

To summarise, one of the primary goals of any good investor is to protect their capital. Simply stated, that means, keeping investment losses to a minimum by implementing an effective diversification strategy. As we have seen, this means investing across different types of industry sectors to ensure that your stocks are as uncorrelated as possible and into different asset classes such as bonds so they do not react in the same way to negative events. If you diversify across both bonds and stocks, adverse movements in one asset class will be offset by positive movements in the other asset class, thereby minimising your losses

A popular commodity options trading strategy is known as scale trading. It is often referred to as a “can’t lose” strategy, but the reality is that it is only as good as the trader using it.

Scale trading is based on the simple principle of buying when prices are low and selling when the prices are high. Finding entry points in the commodities market is not as straightforward as the other financial markets. For a trader to determine when a commodity is low enough to purchase can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Thankfully, there are several guidelines which can assist investors find levels at which the commodity price is a good buy.

First of all, you need to gather as much information as possible by looking at the historical charts of a range of commodities and locate the commodities where the price is historically at its lowest, or at least within the lowest 25% of the historical price range. It is advisable to look back at least 10 years of history. You should also be aware that scale trading has a better success with commodities which are physical such as crude oil and wheat and as such, is not an ideal tactical strategy to use with financial services commodities.

The strategy behind scale trading is to only initiate buy trades and not to initiate sell trades. The reason that this is done is that a physical commodity always holds a positive quantity of value so when the price becomes cheap, the commodity producers will ultimately produce less with prices stabilising in due course. After you identify a commodity that fits the strategy’s requirements the next thing to do is to set up levels where futures contracts can be bought and sold on that commodity.

Using the commodity corn as an example, this is how scale trading works: Assume corn is currently trading at $2 per bushel, with historical prices ranging from $1.80 to $5.50. You can set up several levels when you can start buying – $1.90, $1.80, $1.70, $1.60, and so on. When the first buy order is filled, you can set a sell order at $2. When looked at this way, 5,000 bushels can lead to as much as $500 profit.

If the market goes down to $1.80, then you can create another sell order at $1.90. The previous contract will still be held by you which you would sell once the market moves up and reaches the $2 mark. This means that losses using this trading strategy are kept to a minimum since selling prices are predefined. Hence, the idea behind this tactical strategy is that you level into the market at low prices and sell at prices which have been defined into the strategy until you have closed all your contracts.

It is not really possible to use this strategy in the short term. Contracts using scale trades typically take weeks and sometimes years to close since it is the price that creates the selling signal so you must commit to the strategy and follow the rules meticulously.

Это лишь несколько основных методик, по которым работают с бинарными опционами, а ведь из незатронутых еще есть много визуальных графических, по подсчетам, сезонных, а также многих других методов заработка денег опционами.

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Анна Андреевна бинарные опционы и ее сигналы, стратегии и отзывы

В этой статье я хочу поговорить о женщине, которая называет себя Анной Андреевной и утверждает, что она профессиональный трейдер бинарных опционов и все свои стратегии придумывает сама. Имеет очень раскрученный сайт, где в том числе, кроме стратегий она продает так называемые «золотые сигналы».

Эта дама очень популярна на просторах интернета и лично меня она заинтересовала после того, как посетители моего блога обратили мое внимание на то, что она посвятила мне целую статью на своем сайте, в которой обозвала меня мошенником. Разумеется, после этого я просто не мог не заинтересоваться этой женщиной. Сразу хочу подчеркнуть, что целью этой статьи не является очернение Анны и поливать ее грязью в ответ я не собираюсь. Просто напишу о фактах.

Для начала, меня очень удивило, как упорно Анна Андреевна старается всем доказать, что все стратегии у нее на сайте были придуманы именно ей. Если хорошо поискать в интернете, то можно обнаружить эти стратегии еще в огромном количестве мест и у большого количества разных трейдеров и финансистов. Это совершенно естественно, ведь финансовый рынок – один на всех и хорошие, проверенные временем стратегии тоже для всех одинаковы. А вот пользоваться ими нужно уметь. Понимать все тонкости применения. Только так можно на них зарабатывать. Если честно, мне не очень понятно ее стремление узурпировать знания давно принадлежащие общественности.

Я так же не нашел ни одного вебинара, который бы она провела. Не одного вообще! Это довольно странно, если она все придумала сама, почему не покажет свои таланты в реальном времени а не в записи? Зато в своей рассылке она дает ссылки на вебинары, которые проводит не она, а брокеры с которыми у нее партнерские отношения. Я побывал на нескольких таких вебинарах и не на одном из них о стратегиях, представленных на сайте Анны Андреевны, не говорилось.

Золотые сигналы от Анны Андреевны это отдельная тема.

Так же Анна продает сигналы и судя по информации на ее сайте, статистика просто сказочная! Сплошные доходы! К слову, эти сигналы можно получить бесплатно на две недели, если зарегистрироваться у брокера по ее партнерской ссылке и пополнить счет. Ничего плохого в этом нет. Она так зарабатывает. Брокер платит ей за каждого приведенного клиента. Но только нового. Если счет у этого брокера у Вас уже был, то нужно регистрироваться у другого. Иначе ей не заплатят.

Я не поленился, сделал все как требовалось и стал получать эти сигналы. Что бы там Анна не обещала, процент доходности ее сигналов составляет 50% и не более того, говоря простым языком – убыточные. На сайте «Инвестинг» сигналы и то лучше. Только там они бесплатные.

Отзыв о бинарных опционах Анна Андреевны

Давайте рассмотрим факты. Анна пытается выдать общедоступное за свое. При этом ни одного вебинара она лично не провела. Продает бесполезные сигналы. Поливает грязью других а на ее сайте очень сложно что-то читать из-за постоянно выпрыгивающей и даже принудительно перекидывающей на другие сайты рекламы (на момент написания этой статьи).
Из всего этого можно сделать вывод, что она просто ушлая дамочка, которая собрала на своем сайте чужие знания, выдала их за свои, предумала себе красивую легенду и гребет деньги за счет людей, желающих разобраться в мире бинарных опционов. Доход имеет с брокеров за то, что поставляет им новых клиентов и с продажи сомнительных сигналов непонятного происхождения. Никаких доказательств обратного я не нашел. Да и ладно. Хочет очернять других? На здоровье! Я опускаться до ее уровня не буду.

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