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FuturoFX is the most advanced algorithm we wrote so far and what is does is giving you THAT edge. It scans the past history looking for strong correlations with the most recent price action. If it does find something interesting then it shows you what you can expect “in the future” given the current price behavior.

And we made it so that you can use that edge in many different ways:

  • scalping
  • end-of-day trading
  • binary option


We showed you how we made nearly 100 pips ($1000 trading one lot) in just a few hours trading EURUSD withFuturoFX. This is the result of 3 hours of trading with FuturoFX Indicator on a EURUSD M1 chart:

72 pips of net profit and a 6.41 profit factor in 3 hours of trading!

Entering and exiting profitable trades seemed effortless like stealing candies from children

The future price movement displayed on chart by FuturoFX was essential in achieving this result.

I spent another 2 hours with FuturoFX running on a couple of EURUSD charts and as always the scalping was easy and profitable: 6 trades for a total of +28 pips (280 USD trading 1 lot; you can click on the image below to see the statement).

Here is the basic trading logic for using FuturoFX as a manual scalping tool:

Какого брокера бинарных опционов выбрать?

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  • keep FuturoFX opened on two timeframes (e.g. M5 and M30)
  • make sure the “average projection” and “best projection” on both timeframes are in agreement
  • if current price is still “low” compared to a bullish projection, then you can consider entering a Long trade
  • if current price is still “high” compared to a bearish projection, then you can consider entering a Short trade
  • place the take profit taking into account the projection and relevant support/resistance areas you can spot in the last few bars
  • if FuturoFX drastically changes its outlook, you should modify the take profit or close the trade

End of day

We also checked how FuturoFX performs in end-of-day trading. It only takes 5 minutes a day of your time. We found out that we can bank an average of 300 pips/month on EURUSD only trading 5 minutes a day.

We backtested the strategy for 12 months and the overall +3407 pips in a year is a great result, considering that each trade has fixed SL and TP levels and is left completely unattended for 24 hours.

Here’s the statement of the test:

The strategy requires looking at FuturoFX H1 and H4 charts around 00 GMT each day. Executing this manual strategy should take only 5 minutes of your time, 5 days a week.

We noticed a good number of winning trades at the opening of markets on Sunday, exploiting gaps.

Here is an example on the 11th of June 2020:

As you can see both charts suggest a rapid decline of prices, that’s why we entered a market order aiming at the typical closure of the gap.

Other times it makes more sense to let the price run in the direction of the gap for a bit before betting on a reversal closing of the gap: in this case this end-of-day strategy would require to enter a limit order instead of a market order.

Binary options

We are not experts in binary options. We know that they are the latest “cool thing” in trading. Those of you that know us better are well aware that we are not the kind of guys who blindly follow the fashion in Forex (most of the time it is just marketing hype), however we must admit binary options may actually be a really good way to put FuturoFX to work.

For those of you who still don’t know how they work, well there are many different kinds of binary options but basically the simplest ones are those where you are asked if you think that the price of a currency pair (EURUSD for example) within the next hour will be higher or lower than the current price.

This is actually the typical question that FuturoFX is made to answer to. If it spots a good correlation between the present price behavior and the past, it can help you predict quite efficiently how the price is most likely to behave. The price “projection” in the future is based on how price behaved many times in the past. It’s not surefire (any trader who lives in the real world knows that no system will ever be a perfect crystal ball) but it’s definitely and edge. And having an edge in trading is everything. It makes the difference between being a loser or a winner.

It took us a few months before deciding that FuturoFX was ready for becoming public, as we worked on refining the original code and making sure that we could be able to write all the sentences above.

Now enjoy the five pictures below that illustrate quite well how FuturoFX was able to predict a sharp decline of EURUSD during last August:


We’ve been talking mainly about Forex but every single instrument you broker makes available on your MT4 platform can be analyzed and forecasted with FuturoFX.

Think about… with enough historical data, FuturoFX you will be able to forecast stock indexes, stocks, gold, silver, oil and many more.

Everything your MT4 broker offers you as a trading instrument.

FuturoFX is a very flexible correlation engine.

The user can tweak a good number of settings in order to adapt this engine to each specific financial instrument and timeframe. As an example the user can:

  • select the number of bars that are subject to correlation
  • select how far to look into the history searching for good correlations
  • select a correlations threshold in order to filter out all correlation matches that are deemed not good enough
  • select which data should be correlated (as an example only High and Low of each bar, or any other combination of relevant data)
  • select also negative correlations
  • select the graphical output of the indicator itself

What you get

  • FuturoFX MT4 Indicator
  • A detailed and always-updated online manual
  • Free updates
  • Email support

Индикатор FuturoFX

In today’s publication we’ll review another future indicator called FuturoFx, which projects the expected movement to the near future based on past data. By its principle, it is similar to a well-known CTG-Structure, but with the provided possibility of the explicit detalization of the current situation.

We’d like to remind you that any future indicator must meet several criteria. First, the formula should have a logical and clear justification, secondly, it is desirable that for each forecast the probability was worked out, and thirdly, the opportunity to check the work on history must be provided. Given the listed rules, we’ll explain in more detail whether the reviewed forecaster is really so good.

Traditionally, we’ll start with the settings. The main parameters are «Look Back» and «Look Forward», through which the number of bars for the analysis in each block and for the projection of the future are set, respectively. Other variables are designed for fine-tuning, we’ll list them briefly:

  • Max_history – the number of bars for future indicator to analyze;
  • Correlation_Data – at what process the models are compared, each letter is the first of the price name, such as O – Open, supports all standard options;
  • Cor_Threshold – filter by coincidence, if the formation coincides with the history by a given percentage, it will be taken into account;
  • Interface settings block – intuitive, you should pay attention only to Display_Options, which regulates the set of graphic elements, in particular, T – blue window, A – average forecast, B – the most optimistic scenario, R – red frame of the studied blocks;
  • Window Screenshot – for any positive number of “x”, the algorithm will save the screenshot of the working desktop every “x” bars to a “files” folder.

How to apply a future indicator FuturoFx into practice

In earlier publications we have briefly mentioned that it is best to use leading indicators on small timeframes, because, given the specificity of a set of positions and strategies of major market operators, the likelihood of recurrence of scenarios from the past is higher on them. The figure below shows an example of the working window on a five-minute chart of the EUR/USD pair.

The most important element is the information window (1), which specifies: the time of the forecast update, the depth of history, the number of comparisons and the occurrences found, the accuracy of best match, the profit potential when buying and selling, and finally – the likelihood of the scenario development. The corridor, with a gradient fill (2) is the forecast, equal to the average of all the matches.

Future indicator FuturoFx endears with its simplicity and pithiness – in fact, you don’t need to analyze anything, just open the deals, but in reality, the problems arise within the first minutes of work, the main one being a redrawing. Despite the fact that the function of creating screenshots is provided, it is very difficult to work in real time, because after just a few bars, the situation may change significantly, and it becomes not clear whether to close the newly opened order, or to wait for the previously mentioned goals.

FuturoFX Indicator


FuturoFX Indicator is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by PimpMyEA.com.

The latest version of FuturoFX Indicator is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on 11/01/2020.

FuturoFX Indicator runs on the following operating systems: Windows.

FuturoFX Indicator has not been rated by our users yet.

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